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Scream as loud as you can to win this tug of war!

It's a multiplayer game for two, controlled by the power of the voice of the players, transmitting real world sound energy into in-game physical impulse. You can choose between two characters - monster truck and sumo wrestler - and take a part in tug-of-war game where your goal is to pull the opponent into the hole in the ground. The louder you yell, the stronger you pull the rope, but if you yell too hard, your character may overheat and explode, making players balance and use their powers thoughtfully.

Install instructions

  • download it on two devices, connected to the save Wi-Fi
  • make sure both devices have their microphones ON
  • get to know both devices' IP adresses
  • unzip OruNoVisheGoru.zip
  • launch temp.exe

How to connect: 

Launch game, push "HostGame" on one device and put the ip address of it to the bottom panel on second one and push the connect button.


OruNoVisheGoru.zip 132 MB

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